17 October 2006

Monday Night Heartattack

It wasn't pretty. It shole as shittin' wasn't one of the best games I have ever seen, but damn it, my Chicago Bears are 6-0 for the first time since 1986. Yezzur!!! I luff my d-fense! And that lil baby Devin Hester? He needs an older woman in his life. Brian Urlacher? He could get it AND run for mayor of Chicago... and probably win. He told Lovie Smith they would win. Fatwa... it is written.

2 fingas to the side ya'll

16 October 2006

Some Things Don't Change

Recently I was on my fave site Crunk and Disorderly when a post came up showcasing the recent album artwork of one Sean "Puff Doodle Doo" Combs. Said artwork is a depiction of Poofy Doo with a nameless, faceless semi nude model draped over him for his single "Come to Me". Another piece of "artwork" for the cd has Puff the Magic Sampler with his hands down a random woman's draws. That's right, I said draws. The fuck is the point of this sposed to be?

See, this is a problem for me. People love Poofy and seem to want to forgive him anything. Like Jay-Z, this new nigra has a CD to promote. One of the commenters on C&D was all up in arms because he/she said that we were too hard on Puffy. He'd visited a school in San Diego and had gotten on the case of a student there whose grades had begin to fall off. He even went so far as to get the child's pphone number so he could check up on him and make sure everything was ok. Bra fuckin' vo! Do you honestly think he would give a flying rabid fuck about that child if his cd wasn't about to drop? Survey say? Hell Naw!

This commenter also said that "at least Puffenstuff doesn't call women bitches and ho's in his music". Well, let's look at his track record. He's on his 2nd or 3rd baby momma, fucked baby momma #1's BFF (Misa and Kim P. were girls until PuffaLump shagged Kim), shows no signs of marrying said 3rd string baby momma (even though she has publically said she wants to get married) and now to top it all off, he's photographed with a nameless, faceless random ass ho wrapped all around him AND with his hands down said woman's draws? oh HELL no! People seem to forget that this man has 2 children on the way someone while he's standing there with his hands all down the panties of a woman who is not 2nd string baby momma/current sideline ho.

I don't care how you slice it, Puffy might not be calling us bitches or ho's, but the message is just the same. "Girls, it doesn't matter how much education you have or how smart you are. You still just a piece of meat to be used when, where and how I see fit."

To be real, I'd almost prefer he did call me out of my name. At least then I'd see the knives and shit flying at me and could respond accordingly.