09 September 2006

Something New

Hey all!

Not really blogging anything important. Just wanted to try a new layout and see what ya'll thought of it. I am determined to make my own layout one of these days, so I am carefully disecting Blogger's template to figure out what needs to be where. This is one I got from Caz and loaded to my blog, but methinks I'll be trying it on my own one of these days too.

If you have any problems or see anything wrong, hit me in the comments box and let me know!

Peace out!

08 September 2006

The Fuck Is This?!?!

R. Kelly is back in the news. A trial date of October 13th has been set for his sex tape scandal, and I for one hope they throw the fuckin' book at him. Kellz is a sick, sad summabitch, and I don't care how hard he had it as a child, he needs to have his ass up under the jail for this mess. If this had been back in the day, there wouldn't be a need for a trial. This nigra woulda met Uncle Bubba nem 'round the way, and shit woulda been handled Original Gansta style.

Now, I will admit I saw the video out of curiousity, and fuck what ya'll herd, but that child does not look 17. I promise you I thought she was a really developed 12 year old. But to hear people from my hometown talk, she seduced Kells and that shit is her fault. Boo niggas boo. It's sad in this day and age that we as Black people (and yes, I'm talkin' to you Chi-Town) can give this triflin' bastard a free pass for hurting a little girl just cause he made some shitty ass songs we used to like to dance to.

What happened to the days of my people taking care of each other's kids? When I was a lil gal chile runnin' round wearin' ankle socks and pigtails, I wish I woulda got bold enough to raise my voice, not said please and thank you, or call a grown woman by her first name without a Ms. or Mrs. to precede it. Shorty Lo Lo (I'll always love my Momma, she's my favorite gurl) and her Fists of Fury woulda beat my Cocoa brown ass until I lost not minutes, but days. I'm still scared of that woman to this day cause of the beatdowns she dispensed over the course of my childhood, but I wouldn't trade her for anything in this world. She made me the confident Black woman I am, so I love her for that, if nothing else.

And what is this shit about not whoopin' yo kids ad wanting them to be your friends? Hell to the naw! My children are not my friends, my gurls, my pard'nahs and nonna that otha shit. They are my children! My G-d did not give them to me to be their friends. He gave them to me so that I could train them and raise them up in the way they should go. They are my responsibility, and one tat I take very seriously. I don't want my daughters to be callin' home tellin' me I'll be a grandmomma at 40. Hell naw she ain't.

Another one goes: "We gon call the polease on you if you hit us!"

Yeah okay lil nigra. Call the polease. It's gonna take them about 15-20 minutes to get here and yo lil dumb ass gonna be right here chillin' in the cut with me. Do you really think you gonna make it up out this cottdamn house without me havin' whooped 15 years off yo life before they get here??? I whoop asses and take names. Anybody don't like it? Fall the fuck back. These are mine, and maybe if you did the same to yours, you wouldn't be gettin' them late night phone calls from the local precinct tellin' you to come pick yourn up.

Real talk people... real talk!

05 September 2006

The "He Could Get It" Files

I don't know about ya'll, but this guy could get a lil bit of slap and tickle if he sang this song on the right day. He does a damned good job on the falsetto too. It doesn't help that he's cute and exotic lookin' either. Sang yo song boo boo.

Past & Present Loves

Man I used to love them 5 white boys. Granted, only 2 of them sang at any given time, but I was still a New Kids on the Block STAN... a stan you hear me?!?! Every magazine they were on, I bought. Every TV show they were on, I watched. Every CD they put out, I whored myself out to my Moms to get the money to purchase. Just seeing these boys make me all warm inside, but that was then...

Thicke is now.

Too fuvkin' sexy for his own good! I just don't get it... how de fuck is he Alan Thicke's son?!?! Gloria Loring is his momma, but just damn! Paula betta watch her back, cause I'd give Robin that nasty, filthy spit on the divk sex that she's too much of a good girl to put out. Think I wouldn't???

03 September 2006

Blogger Bein' A Lil Bish

I'm only adding this post because Blogger is ackin' like the spawn of Satan right now and it has my dang on posts halfway down the page. Booooooooooo blogger booooooooooo!!!

In the Sunshine

This is one of my favorite MJB songs My Life, and one I was really in need of hearing. My G-d is a good G-d, and He is blessing me all day everyday. All kinds of good things are coming into my life, so excuse me if I seem to be going on about nothing. I just really feel a need to say that to somebody, and it might as well be whoever might be reading this blog. Me being happy :-D. I think I need to go celebrate. Mai Tai's and pretty pink drinks on me!!!