06 November 2006

'Tis Almost the Season

Today is November 6th, and I just have one question: Where the hell did the time go? I'm already busy gettin' my holiday hustle on, so ya'll gonna have to excurse me if I disappear from the blog again for a hot minute. The Dealer says he's on strike this year because he always looses all of his fingerprints from the tape used to hold up the lights, but he knows that if he don't put them lights up he gets none of my goodies. Hmph. Complainin' ass knows he loves the lights just as much as the rest of us.

Is it just me, or does Thanksgiving always become the forgotten holiday? I get excited about Chanukah and Christmas, but Thanksgiving is actually the most work intensive holiday. Lawd knows my Brown ass be in the kitchen from Monday morning until Wednesday night gettin' my cook on, so by the time dinnertime rolls around, my ass is too tired to eat... anything. Christmas/Chanukah is mild in comparison. I'm in and out of the kitchen in 2 days and still have the time and energy to go visitin' to everybody's houses... and get my sip on too! ;)

I'm about to say bah hmbug and go sit my ass down somewhere... aww who the hell am I kidding? I gotta go... it's time to get my shopping list together.