02 September 2006

Nothing Really Changes

Today on a Yahoo Group I used to belong to, someone who is an infrequent poster told me that I was cool, but that the way I was describing my life was coming across as "mad arrogant". *Snort* Would you like to try insulting me in proper English, m'kaythanksbuhbye. I freakin' hate Ebonically gifted Kneegrows who try to come at somebody with that ghetto nonsense, but that's a whole nother post!

I should give ya'll some background on this. I went and took a training class a few months ago because I was curious about the inner workings of a financial institutions, and hell, it was free, so I figured why not? Well, I made some coo! azz friends in the class, but there were a few people in there who, while interesting, always rubbed me the wrong way. I keep in touch with the coo! folks, and left them ignant nigras alone. We all decided that we would keep the friendships alive and made the Yahoo Group to keep up with each other, plan parties, etc. Well, yesterday was the first time I decided to even bother to answer one of the multitude of emails they send, since most days by the time I get home and log on, I ain't in the mood to deal with any foolishness. Now mind you, out of about 100 posts, I have made all of 5 at this point, including the offending ones. This chick has the utter audacity to say I sound arrogant because I shut one of her friends down who was talkin' shit! Boooooooooo, nigga boooooooooooo.

I just discussed the situation with my sister, and this is what she told me. Looking back over my family tree, I come from a solidly middle class family. My family are 5th and 6th generation homeowners, not to mention that getting at least one post grad degree is almost mandatory. My mother has a Master's in Business, my father was a professor. My grandparents were both educators, and one of their parents on maternal and paternal sides (who were White) were doctors. Most interestingly, my maternal great, great grandfather was also a landed gentleman in the antebellum South. Translation? He owned slaves.

Now, I said all that to say that I can't help the way I come off in conversation with the minions. I am an educated, loquacious, intelligent, self assure and audacious Black woman. Is it so wrong for me to toot my own fuvkin' horn? Yes I have a 3.4 GPA. Yes, I was on the Dean's List last semester. Yes, I work as an Assistant Director of an HIV/AIDS information network, sp please take yo hatin' ass on somewhere with that bullish!!! You cannot... no, you will not make me feel bad just because I took Robert Kiyosaki's advice and decided to learn a little about a lot, and now I'm going to be able to do things you can only dream about. Don't hate me cause you're stuck in a dead end job with nowhere to go but sideways.

Now, back to our story. Being the intelligent, articulate sista I am, I had to check a trick in the nicest possible way and let her know that I took the class for personal fulfillment and just because I wanted to learn something new, not because I needed the training to get paid. I'm already paid, fuvk you kindly. You're still living in the 'hood with yo nigga who just got out of jail, but you want to check me? Chile please!!! I am on a whole other level of consciousness and imagination that you should try to attain before you come at me with yo stupidity. I am already degreed chica... what chu comin' to the table with? Why don't you stop worrying so hard about what I'm doin' and do you. It ain't hard.

Why do we as Black folk always gotta try to down each other or say we ain't doin' what we doing? You don't know me from a fuvkin' can of paint, yet you wanna be casting shadow on my shine??? What does that get you in the long run besides left the fuck behind to count my cash when I make that deposit into my savings account. Count my deposit like a good little minion while I go continue to get my business owning shine on.

BTW chica, it's not arrogance when you state facts, it's called reality. So hate on haterette while I go touch the skies.

I'm Just Sayin'

Attention... attention Justin Wiggerfake:

Due to the malicious malficense on your part during the Super Bowl fiasco with Janet Jackson, and in the weeks and months following Janet's subsequent troubles, your hood pass has now been revoked. I would like to introduce you to the new holder of your hood priviledges.... Robin Thicke.

Due to the presence of Bussa Bus in this video, Thicke is quickly becomin' that nigga... you know, the one who could get it any whicha way he wants it all day long, and twice on Sunday. Like you used to be. Maybe if you get rid of the ass deficit havin' crater face you porkin' you could get your pass back, but I doubt it. You fucked with the wrooooooooong Black woman that time kid. Oh well, shit's on you. Peace!

30 August 2006

Crack is Truly Whack Ya'll

Cristy's Intervention See this first!!!

Ok, for those of you who don't know, Mz Nikki lurves her some Intervention on A&E. (Check your local listings for time). Anyway, I was watching Intervention this past Sunday, and they had a meth/alcoholic named Cristy on there. Now, don't get me wrong, I know addictions are a helluva thing to beat, but what pisses me off is how this simple ho acted while she was high, and the way her family related to her in the process of this intervention. It was a sight to behold and never have I been so happy to have a blur box on a TV screen in my life!

Now to give you some background on this situation, Cristy is living in her late grandmother's house rent free, works as a stripper and has been addicted to meth for about 10 years (she started at 13 or 14 and she's 24 now). What absolutely kills me about this shit is that her family, more appropriately her father, was enabling her to do the shit she does because he feels guilty about abandoning her and her mother when Cristy was younger. Bitch please! You'se a grown ass man, and yo daughter is a crack ho! I'ma need you to man up and kick her the fuvk outta that house! It gets deeper though. Case in point: Cristy had a drunk driving arrest that resulted in her license being revoked. Instead of making her drunk ass take the bus or a cab, he drives her to work, gives her money AND allows her to live in the house (which the lil bitch has trashed, see link above). Then the killer, she was in the house butt ass nekkid, throwing food and shit on the floor. *Clutches her pearls* I have only 3 words for thisa here shit (said in best Mya Wilkes voice): Oh HELL no! Let that hadda been a Black father, or worse yet, a Black mother... (*shudders at the thought of that ass whoopin'*). Nuff said!

I would be willing to give her a pass for all the crazy ish she does cause after all, she is a meth head and they ain't the most rational people in the world, but what is her family's problem? Her father admits that he does this to keep Cristy where he can keep an eye on her. Her mother and sister admit that it's taken them this long to figure out how strung out Cristy really is because they didn't want to see. This my friends is a classically co-dependent family. To borrow from my gurl Q over at C&D: it takes you TEN MOFOCKING YEARS to see your CHILD FROM YOUR LOINS is addicted to meth...and i mean all the families in that show, just accomodating the crackhead and giving them money and free rent and shit... Thas real talk ya'll.

I gotta give her sister props though. When Cristy was trying to hit her, homegirl handled her business. Took her ole nekkid ass down by the river and broke off a cyprus branch. Well she didn't really, but she was beatin' Crisy's ass like a natural man though. Thas gangsta.

During the actual intervention, Cristy had the nerve to be laughing and joking about her family as they poured their hearts out to her, begging her to get clean, which she flat out refuses to do. Now, not only did she laugh, but when they came to the part where they told her that there would be consequences for her actions (namely, if she refuses to get help, she goes to jail on that outstanding DUI warrant), she boldy states that she would rather go to jail than rehab, and tells her father it's his fault she is the way she is. Survey says? Ho Saddown!!! You'se a grown ass woman responsible for your own fuvkin' actions! Balls up and handle yo shit, yoself!

Back on topic: someone commented on C&D that this is a YT thing, cause we (Black/Brown/Yellow/whatever you is) folks live too deeply in each others pockets to ever not know something of this importance, and wel, i kind of have to agree. Black families are close knit, but not for just any ole reasons. Close knit families are a matter of survival. These fighting units, for lack of a better term, are experts at using that "all for one, and one for all" mentality to get through some rough times in America especially. We come together in times of great trial because we know as no one else can, that without family, we as a whole are nothing. When push comes to shove, tough love is a muthafucka, and you get cho shit together for no other reason than you have no choice. So is this why this show has showcased very few (if any) Black, Brown, Latino, or Asian families? Is it because we know how to handle our stuff within the family ranks... or is it just because YT could give a fuvk less about our multicultural asses and are only on they own peoples because they are feeling the wrath of the monster (crack, heroin, meth) that was originally intended to destroy us in their own homes? Hmph, anybody else feel some shit is rotten in the state of Denmark?

It is what it is ya'll.