01 February 2007

I was thinkin' of my Granny today when I saw this posted on youtube. Say what you want about it bein' the debil, but sometimes... just sometimes... they pull out a gem like this.

I miss you Granny. Love you!

31 January 2007

Dear Mr. Love

Today I had a moment of epiphany: I am loved. I am loved by many whose names I may never know or remember, but just my presence on this planet called Earth is a miracle to them. I'm not talking about the people in my family either. I'm speaking of the stranger on the street whose bad day became brighter because I smiled at them in passing. I'm talking about the nameless, faceless babies who are here because their mommas saw me being a Mom to my children and decided that they too wanted to be a part of the miracle.

As I sit here and think about all of the love I have given, I'm thinking of all the people around me who know not of this real, abiding love of which I speak. It's not the love that causes you to go out and seek every Tom, Dick and Tyrone to lie down with. No. This is the love I have for myself... the love my G-d has for me... this is the love I give to those around me... the love that helped me to heal from things no woman should ever have to deal with... the love that made me strong enough to walk away from someone who didn't love me at all... I guess I said all that to say this...

Thank you Mr. Love! (A MzNikki Original)