13 September 2006

He's An On Time G-d!!!

Man have you ever had a day that feels like your birthday, Christmas and New Year's Eve all rolled up into one? Well today is that day for me. I was over visiting my home away from home C&D when what did I hear but that my favorite sanger (yes I said sanger) of all time, Whitney "Nippy" Houston is not only back with us in the land of the living, but she also filed for divorce from that triflin' summabitch she made a mistake of marrying, Bobby "No Real Talent" Brown! I promise you I felt a soul clap! I haven't been this happy since my baby girl was born. Yesssssssssssssssssss Nippy yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!

*falls out in the middle of the aisle in over the top dramatic cunt fashion and is covered with white cloth by the urshers*

My Gawd has heard my prayers and brought this woman back from the edge of darkness and has put her back on the road to regaining her status as the voice of R&B.

I think that we Nippy stans owe a HUGE thank you to Clive Davis and CeCe Winans for helping Nippy come back to us. I guess CeCe and Clive took the words to the song I posted to heart and knew it wasn't just about talkin' a good game. Whatever it was, Nippy is back and doing well... now we just gotta worry about lil Bobbi Kris.

Nippy '07 hummin comin' at'cha!

*catches the Holy Ghost, does a triple backflip down the aisle of the chu'ch, harlem shakin' and shimmyin' like Shug Av'ry*

10 September 2006

Let the Games Begin

Football season is again upon us. Tailgate parties, brats & beer, playing in subzero weather, and my personal favorite, seeing a bunch of extra sessy men in tight pants running up and down a field. Yessir dere is a Gawd!

My hometown team The Chicago Bears appear to be well on course to get their Playoffs on, but I'll reserve judgement for now. I hope they do, cause Lawd knows they shole do need a championship in the Chi! Man (or in this case, woman) cannot live on memories of the most dominant Bears team in history forever. I still remember when Da Bears were da best in da world! I need my Bears to follow through and make that move into the elite list known as Super Bowl Champs.

Have a good season peeps! Brats n' beer on me!