10 June 2007

Willie Lynch Syndrome

Hey everybody. You know, usually I come on here and try to be at least a little bit positive about the things I see around me, but some shit just needs to be said about the foolishness I see going on around me. I was over on Black Hair Media tonight and I was reading a post by a young woman who was more... fuck it. You gots ta read this shit churre for yourself

Is this Bitch For Real?!?!

*stunned look* Am I the only one who felt really sad to know that she felt that way? I mean come on... I know I had more important things on my mind than whether or not my little girl was going to be happy, healthy and filled with joy than about some shit like whether she was gonna have nappy ass hair. And for this one to be saying she doesn't wanna have kids cause of that is an affront to me. I had a hard time getting pregnant with #2 daughter... a real hard time. And for this child to sit there and say she doesn't wanna have kids cause of nappy hair makes me want to find her and Suge Knight choke-dance with her ass until she drops.

*EDIT* Please, please, please read through some of the advice the people on that damned forum gave her! *drops in the road like Sophia... dress flyin' up with white draws showing*

I guess Ole Willie's methods worked after all.

My people, we have GOT to do better!