24 May 2007

Black to My Roots

Hey everybody. It's 2:19am as i begin to write this. Everybody is asleep except for me, and I am feeling pretty damned good about myself today. I finally did it... I got my Big Chop! I did it myself after rocking about a year's worth of Microbraids. I am feeling free, but scared at the same time. There is so much information out here about nappy but happiness, that sometimes I feel a little bit lost. Luckily one of the ladies over at C&D cyber adopted me and is answering all of my questions.

I am so elated at finally getting up enough courage to chop that fire cream out of my head I don't what to do! I would scream and cut capers, but I ain't trying to wake the babies. Now I just want to take the time to get to know this fluffy, puffy, kinky textured hair on my head. I am loving every single strand, but I know it won't always be such a love affair. I'll have good days and bad days, but I refuse to be defeated. I love my Blackturally beautiful hair!

Speaking of It and Dit (my names for the babies), today marks almost 3 weeks with them and so far so good. Dillon is smiling and follows my every move, and McKenna is already Daddy's Baby... which is just fine with #2 Daughter. She'd just happy to not be the baby in the family anymore.

*looks around to make sure she's sleeping* She doesn't know that she's always gonna be Momma's baby.

#1 daughter will be 16 in a few days. As I look back, I wonder where the hell did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I was bringing home this little bundle of love, and now here she is, almost an adult. *tears up* My little girl is a young lady now, and I am so proud of her, my straight 'A' student. Lei, every day with you has been a joy, and I hope that one day you will understand why I am so hard on you. I only want the best for you, my baby... my young woman... the first great love of my life.