17 August 2007

This is 4 Tha Nappies... Strictly 4 Tha Nappies!

Ok, hey peoples who actually read here. Tonight I was on and a young woman wrote about her constant struggle to keep her head on straight about her nappiness. I could really identify with what she was going through. This is what I wrote in response to her post:

First of all it's going to be okay lil Sis.

Second, don't feel depressed about the state of your feelings towards your hair. Every nappy has days when she may think twice about the decision she made to take back her hair (and her self confidence). All of us can become bogged down with the negative energy that makes us doubt the wisdom of our choices. Just recognize it for what it is: the centuries of ingrained dislike (and that's putting it mildly) for our nappy hair.

The next time you feel that way, stop what you're doing and look at yourself in the mirror, even if it's just a lil old hand mirror. Look at all of the beautiful parts that make up the absolutely amazing whole. Your eyes are gawgus. Your nose is perfection. Your smooth cocoa skin is craved by women of other colors the world over, as are your lips and smile. Your hair is amazing... do you know how many non Black women would love to be able to do the things you do with your hair?

Heck, do you know just how amazing a gift it is to be a strong Black woman who is free of the lye and embraces the natural beauty that G-d gave her? It's humbling that He gave me the strength to be able to do this. Know that you are blessed to be where you are because so many sistahs will never get there.

You are beautiful! From the top of your nappy head to the bottom of your feet. Now go out and rock those napps baby!

You know, sometimes all it takes is for one person we may never ever meet in this life to step in and give us that something we've been missing. This was my chance to be that one single person. Here's hoping that you take your one single chance to change the course of a person's life.

Peace and blessings ya'll!