02 May 2007

Babies Mine

Wow... has it really been almost 3 months since I last blogged? I guess time really does fly when you're up to nonononono gooood! (that episode of Martin kills me every damned time!)

As some of y'all may or may not know, #1 Husband and I were recently certified to become adoptive/foster parents. Well, Tuesday morning/ early afternoon, the DCFS in my state called and told me that they had an emergency placement for us: 3 day old biracial twins who were abandoned at a firehouse. Question was: can you take them on such short notice? Are you kidding?!?! Hell YEAH I can take them! I explained what was going on to my supervisor lady, kissed my girls bye bye, and was out the door faster than Flo Jo on Monster Energy drink! I spent the rest of the evening running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting baby clothes, diapers, milk, toys, furniture, etc while my husband (thank you soooooooo much Baby!!!!) ran to various relatives houses to pick up any random stuff they had available for us. Fortunately one of my cousin's had a baby in January and had kept most of her baby clothes. Only 1 problem now: this is a boy/girl twin combination, and most of the clothes I got from family were for girls! Damn, damn, damn! *in best Florida Evans voice*... It was getting late and I had to wait for them (the people bringing the babies) to get to my house, but I knew Tuesday morning was gonna be a full on sprinting around town yet again kinda day!

Anyway, I finish running around at close to eleven pm, and we have yet to get the furniture set up and stuff. Luckily my FIL is good with his hands and he got the bassinet set up just as they were pulling into the driveway with the babies. They had come straight from the hosptial, and were swaddled in yellow duckie covered blankets... and were the most amazingly beautiful little people I have ever seen. I fell head over heels in love with them and haven't looked back since! But ummmm real talk for a minute: Can I just say that I did not remember how much work having newborns can be?!?! I thank G-d on bended knee that both of my girls are having as much fun taking care of them as I am, but still. Those 3a.m. feedings are a summabitch! I have to say thank you to my MIL, my 2 SIL's and my BIL's, cause if it hadn't been for them, I would have been out for the count. A sistah's ass is so tired, she's about to fall asleep sitting at the 'puter!

*side eyes #1 Daughter as she sneaks into the nursery to check on the babies*

She ain't slick! She wake 'em, she take 'em!

I am so happy right now, but at the same time, I am utterly amazed that G-d worked so fast to bring these two little people into my home and heart. I can't front though, I'd love to have a dozen! I was always the one who took care of people's babies when they went out, so this is really a blessing for me. The best part is that the mother has basically severed her parental rights and if she doesn't show up to claim them within 60 days, we can adopt them! I really am about to cut capers right now!!! The only thing holding me back now is time. I'm a worrier. It's what I do and damn it, it's what I'm good at.

We're still excited as hell though! I just have to come up with names for them... any suggestions from the people reading this? My son's name (I got a baby boy damn it!!!!) will probably be Dillon Nicholas. I just need to come up with a name for my daughter. Some of my favorite choices are Rhiannon Claire, McKenna Rose, Savannah Caroline and Sarah Elizabeth. I know... really YT names, but I would never name a child something I wouldn't want to be named.

I'm typing this as they nap, and they are the most peaceful little people I have ever seen! They'll be up in about 2 hours for another feeding, but I don't mind. I love having them in the house already. Even #2 Daughter is excited to finally not be the baby anymore! I had them in the nursery last night, but #1 said that he'd feel better if they were in the room with us, so bassinette moves to our room tonight. Cuts down on my running too, but also adds to him being about to help... he's just as excited as I am.

Anyway, I want you all to pray for me, laugh with me (cause I just know we're gonna have some funny ass moments soon), and most of all, celebrate with me damn it!!!